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An options platform catering to all levels of trading. Beginners can Learn-on-the-Go in the New mode and experienced traders can jump ahead to building more dynamic strategies in the Advanced mode.

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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Options

Find new opportunities in the forex and gold market. Trade Call and Put options alongside your spot and futures trading from the Market Watch. Combine deals to create strategies and diversify exposure.

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GBP/USD is heading south this morning ahead of the UK's preliminary GDP data at 08:30 GMT, expected to show growth at 0.7% quarter on quarter versus the previous 0.4%. There are three GDP annoucements a month with prelim GDP being the first henc…

You may buy options to trade an expectation on direction and/or volatility of the price of a currency pair or gold (XAU/USD). Options trading is available on the optionsReasy web platform and MetaTrader4. If you want to know how to invest in the cur…

Gold plummeted near 4% in a brief low liquid market during the Asia session. The bottom was around $1087, levels not seen since March 2010. Current talks are suggesting the drop was speculative and severe due to the low liquidity of that hour o…