Supporting clients is at the forefront of everything we do. We train your team so that they are ready to engage with clients from day one. After integration, you will always have a designated ORE contact to call upon.

Why vanilla options?

Adding FX options to an existing spot platform is proven to increase trading volumes and client lifetime value. According to the Bank of International Settlement's 2013 report, retail FX options volume equates to 9% of spot.

Activity in options continues to expand due to more venues offering e-trading solutions. In October 2014, CME reported +41% YoY in FX options and +31% YoY in Metal option contracts traded per day.

How does ORE compare with other option platform providers?

ORE's vision is unique. Our focus is to make vanilla options retail-friendly. With that in mind, we have created two very unique products; The web platform, optionsReasy, which is designed around trader development and education, and the ORE Bridge, which has solved some of the most challenging questions, allowing options to be easy and accessible for MT4 users.

How does platform integration work?

This depends on the product you choose:

ORE's web user interface, optionsReasy, can be integrated into a proprietary online platform. It can be implemented at a basic level or a higher level to include a shared wallet and an integrated back office.

ORE's bridge is a straight-forward connection to your MT4 server and takes less than a day to complete. A connection is made via an API manager, hence there is no stress placed on your server.

What IT resources do we need to commit?

For set-up, it depends on the product you choose; the ORE bridge connection with MT4 takes less than a day and the web user-interface can take from one week to three months. Visit our web solutions page to learn more. ORE runs the day-to-day IT maintenance of the product keeping your resources free for other projects.

How often does ORE update products?

We update the products every week to fix bugs and add developments.

How to manage option trading risk?

The ORE book management package provides brokers a connection with approved liquidity providers and routes liquidity according to definitions set by the broker. The package includes advanced risk management tools and reports including portfolio sensitivity and post trade reports. Contact us for more information.

How are option price feeds controlled?

Data feeds from reliable sources feed into the ORE option price engine. You control elements of pricing to the end-user.

Do you provide training?

We will train your team on a demo platform so they are ready to engage with clients from day one. When you are live, the support continues. We will remain on hand to help you grow your business.

Can I have both the Web-based platform and the Options Bridge?

Yes! You may offer both products simultaneously.

Where can I obtain pricing and packages for Options on MT4?

Contact us at for more information.

Do you have educational material for trading options on MT4?

The MT4 Options User Guide provides you and your staff with everything you need to know. Brokers working with ORE can white label this guide as their own for client training.

Where can I learn more about options trading?

Check out ORE's Options School at It offers unique lessons, quizzes, and option strategy information.