Light White Label (LWL) Solution

Product Releases

Interested in giving your Affiliates and Introducing Brokers (IBs) their own branded demo platform? Using ORE's Light White Label (LWL) solution you can. 

Our solution helps you, to help your Partner's business grow. Affiliates and IBs can utilize the demo platform in their marketing & education to collect leads and send their Broker new accounts.  

ORE simply create a custom branded demo platform by providing a white labelled sign-up and login webpage. The page URL can be placed as a link or tagged to a designed button on the Affiliates website. All leads are collected in a back-office which belongs to the affiliate. From inside the demo platform, leads can be easily converted into an active account via a 'go-live' button. Demo leads are funnelled to the Affiliate's Broker landing page. 

To request a LWL solution for your Affiliate or IB email