ORE Launches WTI OIL Options

Product Releases Wti Oil

ORE has launched WTI crude oil options via their OTC web-platform for brokers and banks to offer their clients access to one of the most heavily traded energy products.

Crude Oil futures and options are actively traded on exchanges but are not easily accessible to the wider retail market. Unlike futures contracts, options allow investors to trade oil volatility and to choose direction without the risk of a stop-out. Due to huge market moves, exchange traded WTI oil option volumes have grown dramatically - 125.8% increase year-on-year*. 

ORE's unique solution enables brokers and banks to enter a new arena with an easy-to-use platform. OTC options are available round the clock and allow user-customization of expiry date and strike rate.  As a result, broker clients can trade a large array of volatility and hedging strategies.   

ORE traders can share and find trading ideas in the Strategies Marketplace. The most popular strategy is the ‘Long Straddle’, which allows investors to trade price volatility without having to take a view on direction. 

Zoe Fiddes, Head of Sales at ORE, said: “The chatter around the price of oil is not just limited to trading floors of investment banks it's making its way into dinner parties and taxi cabs, people are speculating on what will happen next. Our new offering allows brokers to give their traders access to one of the most volatile markets.

“ORE’s vision is clear - give traders great solutions and they will use it. We have launched Oil Options to answer the demand and needs of our clients.”

ORE launched in 2013 and has already broken ground with the first ever native MT4 solution for vanilla options. The company continues to demonstrate their desire to lead the market with new and innovative products with the rollout of OTC options on WTI oil futures.